Why Treetop Friends?


Happy Teachers

Preschools need Happy Teachers. Every year 16 out of 100 teachers leave their jobs. Happy Teachers mean less turnover, stronger classrooms, and satisfied families. While many factors contribute to turnover rates, we believe that the right curriculum is one way to combat it. Your teachers work hard all day long, and the last thing they need is to spend hours at home working on lesson plans. Treetop Friends Curriculum has taken the guesswork out of planning. "We give teachers a daily guide that requires minimal prep, but maximum involvement". Not only does this decrease the amount of work outside of the school day, but it gives them the confidence needed to lead, creating more Happy Teachers doing what they love.

Classroom Management

Treetop Friends is the only curriculum on the market with a built-in guide to classroom management. Studies continue to highlight the negative effects dysregulated classrooms have on a child’s ability to learn and flourish. "As parents ourselves, we know that these early years are critical for development". Our goal is to give teachers the tools necessary to lovingly walk alongside their students as they navigate this beautiful season of growth.

Flourishing Kids

Our number one goal is flourishing kids. This requires a modern approach to curriculum. A curriculum based on up-to-date research, a holistic appreciation of the child, and a realistic understanding of a teacher’s time. "The Treetop Friends curriculum was created in the classroom by active early childhood teachers, and it shows". Our team is passionate about helping young children grow and flourish, and that is the impetus behind our work at Treetop Friends. We believe our holistic approach to curriculum will help you achieve that goal too.

What parents and other schools have to say

  • Davon

    “As a father of two completely opposite children in regards to personality and learning style, I have seen the Treetop curriculum meet each one of my children in the way that they learn best. Treetop is not a one-size fits all curriculum; it takes each child’s learning style into account to optimize their intellectual growth!”

  • Emma

    “My daughter is always so excited to show me the crafts and activities she made at school! Treetop Friends makes learning fun and exciting for all ages.”

  • Jennifer

    “My son has learned so many new things since our preschool started using Treetop. He identifies letters and numbers when he sees them, knows all his colors and has even begun writing a few letters when he’s doing art all on his own, which is an early reader sign. We have loved Treetop.”

  • Autism House

    “Autism House has loved using Treetop Friends! Our kids love the art and activities. The lesson plans are short and simple to follow which makes our teachers happy. Treetop Friends has packaged everything to make it easily accessible and hassle free for us as a small business. We love getting our box every month!”

    Autism House
  • Shania, teacher

    “The planets were a very interesting topic to talk about with the kids. They were very interested to keep learning and looked forward to the lesson the next day.”

    Shania, teacher
  • Sheila, teacher

    “Loved the careful thought behind the lessons!”

    Sheila, teacher
  • Shawanda, teacher

    “The kids really enjoyed learning about the solar system!”

    Shawanda, teacher
  • Marisol, teacher

    “The ‘Out of This World’ theme was our personal favorite! The activities were so much fun and my class was very engaged throughout!”

    Marisol, teacher