Early Childhood Education Lessons

The curriculum developed by Treetop Friends has clear instructions for teachers so that children can experience the maximum benefit of what this curriculum has to offer through different monthly themes and characters for each classroom.

In addition, we have developed a toolbox of educator trainings and a classroom management training plan for teachers to be successful in their classrooms. We want to take the guesswork out of classroom management to ensure success not only for the teacher, but for the children.

Treetop Friends has designed an early childhood and preschool education curriculum to benefit young children of different ages and assist with their early childhood education. We have developed specific lesson plans, activities, and bridge programs for:

Check out our curriculum pages for more information about each curriculum program we offer or call us to receive the information you need directly from one of our team members.

*Ask about our 2-year-old and 4-year-old bridge programs.

Monthly Themes

  • September – Every Bit of Me
  • October – Healthy You, Healthy Me
  • November – I Spy a New Season
  • December – Ready to Explore
  • January – Eco-tastic
  • February – Treetop Zoo
  • March – The Me I Can and Cannot See
  • April – Everyday Treetop Heroes
  • May – Treetop Transit Station
  • June – Out of This World
  • July – Let’s Play
  • August – Treetop Fables

Characters and Classrooms

  • Mr. Owl – Teacher
  • Caldwell Caterpillar and Buttercup Butterfly
  • Ollie Owl – Toddlers
  • Ralphie Raccoon and Scottie Squirrel – Twos
  • Champ and Cherry Chipmunks and Tilly Tree Frog – Threes
  • Barry Bird – Pre-kindergarten