Homeschool and Daycare Curriculum for Two-Year-Olds Nationwide

The two-year-old curriculum at Treetop Friends focuses on the next step of development for young children who are entering a preschool or daycare setting for the first time.

Preschool and daycare can be stressful, but a fun time for children. With so much to learn and experience, it's important to follow a lesson plan specifically tailored to help students develop. In addition to our preschool education curriculum, we also develop homeschool curriculums to help children discover the joys of learning outside a traditional classroom approach. There are several milestones we’re hoping to see those in our two-year-old program achieve during their time at Treetop Friends. These milestones include social-emotional milestones, physical milestones, language milestones, mathematics milestones, science milestones, social studies milestones, and literacy milestones. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of our daycare curriculum or browse our parent resources to get started today!

Learn more about each of these milestones below.

Social-Emotional Milestones

Social-emotional milestones for two-year-olds at Treetop Friends focus on regulating emotions and behaviors, as well as establishing and sustaining positive relationships and participating cooperatively and constructively in group situations.

We specifically help our two-year-olds achieve the following:

  • Seek out adults for self-calming help
  • Have a general understanding of feelings, even if they look to an adult for reassurance
  • Follow some expectations

At this age, our two-year-olds require some assistance with basic needs. Tantrums are common as two-year-olds often have trouble completely verbalizing frustration. Our curriculum will not eliminate these behaviors, but it does help teachers understand that these social-emotional outbursts are to be expected.

Treetop Friends’ curriculum will help these emotional youngsters establish and sustain positive relationships. Milestones we will be looking to see include the forming of relationships with adults and peers, the ability to play with peers, and the ability to imitate adults and peers.

Participating cooperatively and constructively in group situations is an important milestone we’re hoping our two-year-olds can achieve through our social-emotional curriculum. Evidence of this curriculum working includes being able to sit for an activity for 8-10 minutes, being able to answer appropriately, enjoying being a helper, and learning to share and take turns.

Physical Milestones

As part of our curriculum for two-year-olds

We’re hoping to see our youngsters achieve physical milestones, such as:

  • Demonstrating healthy choices
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills

An example of demonstrating healthy physical choices would be the ability to wash hands on their own and to have an understanding of what nutritional foods are. Fine motor skills achievements would include the ability to control small movements by using hands to touch and manipulate objects, learning scissor control, coordinating hand and eye movement, and using regular-sized crayons and pencils as drawing tools. With gross motor skills, we’re looking to see some development of control of large muscles for movements such as balancing on one foot and walking on tiptoes.

Literacy Milestones

The literacy milestones our two-year-olds achieve at Treetop Friends include letter and word recognition, as well as a demonstration of writing skills.

Our curriculum will help children learn letter names and sounds. If successful, we will begin to notice that these two-year-olds will enjoy looking at books. Also, two-year-olds will demonstrate their writing skills by tracing letters and numbers with assistance.

Language Milestones

For two-year-olds at Treetop Friends, language milestones we are hoping to see enhanced through our curriculum include language development, communication skills, activity engagement, classification skills, and engagement in sociodramatic play.

Language development skills to be learned by two-year-olds at Treetop Friends include listening to and understanding the meaning of language, as well as the ability to follow two-step directions and ask questions.

Communication skills we’re looking to see two-year-olds develop at Treetop Friends include speaking semi-clearly, saying sentences with 4-5 words, using social rules during conversations, and continuing to build vocabulary.

Classification skills milestones that our curriculum will help two-year-olds reach include the ability to put items together. We will also hope to see two-year-olds participate in some activities, share minimal ideas, use imaginary play, and begin to connect to the objective.

Mathematics Milestones

The mathematics curriculum at Treetop Friends focuses on spatial relationships, shapes, and using number concepts and operations.

In the two-year-old program, our youngsters will also learn about money and patterns. We will help toddlers reach milestones in spatial relationships by completing basic puzzles. To help our students learn shapes, we’ll have them identify basic shapes and attempt to draw straight and curved lines. The number concepts we’re hoping they will achieve include the ability to count to 10, identify some numerals, and connect numerals 1-10 with quantities. Finally, we’ll have them learn about money by understanding the exchanging of goods and teach them how to complete a pattern.

Social Studies Milestones

Social studies are a close look at the world around us, how we interact with our community, and how we learn about how our world works.

For our two-year-olds, we are looking at a few milestones in terms of social studies. A community milestone we expect our toddlers to achieve is to understand the role of community helpers and the meaning of some safety signs. We’re also looking to see if our two-year-olds can understand the differences in people.

We’ll also teach our two-year-olds about family so that they can reach milestones such as naming immediate and extended family members and the roles each member plays in the family. 

Finally, we’ll help teach our two-year-olds about culture and begin to see basic cultural facts.

Science Milestones

Treetop Friends will also focus on developing an understanding of science and scientific skills as a part of our curriculum.

We do have specific scientific milestones in mind for our two-year-olds as part of their curriculum and daycare activities. The science milestones we focus on are:

  • Use of Tools to Observe and Explore
  • Earth’s Environment
  • Characteristics of Living Organisms
  • Physical Properties of Objects and Materials
  • How to Use Scientific Inquiry Skills
  • Space

We will hope to see our two-year-olds begin to use their bodies to explore the world around them. In doing so, our two-year-olds will be able to choose the tools they need to observe and explore the world around them, and sort items by shape, color, and size.

Our two-year-olds will begin to understand the earth’s environment by describing the weather.

Two-year-olds will begin to acquire a deep understanding of the characteristics of living organisms. We will hope to see them understand basic healthy habits, such as teeth cleaning. They will also begin to identify additional body parts.

The scientific milestones two-year-olds will begin to reach also include the physical properties of objects and materials. We’ll be able to see if they have knowledge of primary colors.

We will begin to see our two-year-olds reach milestones in use of scientific inquiry skills as they will be able to observe and participate during an activity.

Finally, two-year-olds will begin to have an understanding of space, specifically where the moon is.