About Treetop Friends


A New Approach to Curriculum

Over 15 years ago, a young mother of three began her quest to solve the childcare problem in her area.  

She started her very first preschool in 2009 and from day one, every decision was filtered through a "parent's perspective."

This same philosophy is what drove her team to create Treetop Friends, 12 years later. The world has changed a lot in the last 30 years, but most curriculums haven’t. Like many other preschool owners and directors, Brandi always felt like there was a gap in early childhood curriculum. 

Eventually opening several schools in the area, they experimented with many of the best curriculums out there. While some had tons of fun crafts and activities, they lacked the real work needed to help kids progress and grow in preparation for kindergarten. 

Others were so heavy on the worksheets and educational components, that the students and teachers were overwhelmed by the amount of work. The teachers didn’t have the capacity to spend extra hours at home preparing lesson plans. Eventually, they were paying for a curriculum that was barely being used. 

She knew it was time for a change. So, in 2020 her team of specialists created Treetop Friends- a modern approach to learning for early childhood learning.



Preschool Curriculum that Children Love! 

Students enjoy different monthly themes that will take them on a unique journey through the course of the year.

Through this journey, they will get to know and come to love different characters who are learning right alongside them. In addition to the incredible learning opportunities available to our students (two-, three-, and four-years-old) Treetop Friends has also developed a toolbox of teacher and educator trainings for teachers to be successful in their own classrooms. By giving them tools for classroom management, we ensure success not only for the teacher, but also the children.


Frequently Asked Questions

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